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what Does Oversimplified mean?

In this context oversimplified does not mean inaccurate, it means cut back to the bare essentials! Healthcare learning (be it medicine, nursing, physiotherapy, etc.) is over-brimming with complex terminology, obscure vocabulary, and ever more complex layers of anatomy and physiology.  While all this detail is of course essential in the treatment of the complex beings that are humans, it can be prohibitively complex and intimidating when you're taking your first steps into a topic. 

Oversimplified aims to cut back the detail so you can get to grips with the core principles and theories of a topic before you get tangled up in the details.

About the Author

Dan is a nurse educator based in Oxfordshire in the UK. He has worked in various critical care environments over the last 12 years including Acute Medicine, Coronary Care, Cardiac ITU and Neuro ITU. He lectures on several postgraduate courses, predominately on Brain Trauma on the ITU.


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