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Carol Ford Johnson: Careers advice and more for nurses and students.

Carol is an Oxford-based Nurse and educator with approximately 1000 years of experience in the NHS (I might be exaggerating slightly...). Her YouTube channel is an excellent resource for nurses wanting career advice. weather you are a student looking for your first job, or an experienced staff nurse looking to progress, Carol will have some valuable advice for you on how best to proceed.


she's also written two books (click below)

-How to thrive as a newly qualified nurse

-How to prepare for interviews and develop your career as a nurse or midwife


The Bottom Line: Scientific papers, critiqued by experts

This is an excellent resource for healthcare staff wanting to know more about the evidence base that underpins healthcare. The sight gives you an experts insight into scientific study's, giving the reader insight into the quality of the research as well as where it stands in the greater context. 

Especially useful for those of us critiquing research for essays!

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